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-SEO strategy :

Strategy is key to your search marketing success. When we know everything there is to know about your brand, we will move on to analysing your website. SEO starts with a comprehensive website audit and crawl.

Once we have gathered and analysed all the data at hand, we produce two documents, your SEO strategy, and a quick hits document.

The quick hits document highlights quick wins for your site, which you should be able to implement, whilst we work on other detailed recommendations for your site.

The SEO strategy document highlights key considerations to our direction, the objectives behind what we are doing, keywords that we will target, content that we will create and finally, the KPIs that we will be looking to hit. We work on mutually agreed KPIs and these are developed with you, so as to help achieve maximum ROI.

-Competitor research for better organic ranking :

Almersal in Dubai has a comprehensive set of online tools that are used for competitor research. Want to rank for a particular keyword? Well, firstly, you need to know what and who are you up against through extensive keyword research! We analyse multiple competitor pages through our tools and manual checks to ensure that you are aware of what it will take to get further up on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Even though the above is something we are able to do using our expertise in the world of digital marketing, our major ongoing focus is always on creating content that is beneficial to your site, and tweaking and updating existing content to meet different objectives such as improve branding, marketing and web page ranking through intensive rank tracking.

-On page SEO :

On page optimisation is extremely important, mainly because it helps you to build your expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T). Your site needs to have content that is closely themed and siloed, which will ensure that search engines deem you to be an authority with respect to what you are talking about.

Another aspect to be considered as part of on page optimisation is user interface and experience design. We need to make sure that your users have a good experience on your site, which will in turn help achieve better traffic to your site.

Also consider that pages on your site need to be linked properly, and with relevance. Finally, consider if the link is navigational or transactional – don’t overkill your linking!

The above is quite a lot to take care of, especially if you are not used to working in this manner. Most people believe that you just need to create content and throw it on your site; thereafter, the clicks will come. However, search engines are much smarter in this day and age. If your content does not offer real value or have true expertise, you will never be able to build authority.

Everything that we do in terms of content and on-site optimisation is for E-A-T, and this is what usually differentiates us from the rest of the SEO companies in Dubai or the MENA region. In fact, this is what distinguishes us from most companies globally as well.

-Off page SEO :

One of the most common questions we often get asked is “How many backlinks will we get?” Well, SEO has moved on – you don’t need to build backlinks to gain success, you need to be user centric in order to obtain organic success.

SEO has changed, search engines are much smarter today, and your website ranking can no longer be influenced by the sheer volume of backlinks you have. We have conducted some pretty cool research, which shows that after getting rid of 1000’s of toxic backlinks and sorting out anchor texts, your ranking can actually improve. Again, it may not be true for all; but we would say, never trust an agency that says they will build you backlinks in bulk or buy backlinks for you! It is not the right way to go about gaining search marketing success.

Your back-link profile should be natural – your content should command authority and your site should gain organic backlinks, which ultimately will help to build trust over a period of time! Remember, spammy backlinks or inorganic activity will easily get picked up by search engines – so beware of that! Link building for SEO is important and should be natural.

-Technical SEO :

Often underrated, but technical SEO is probably the most important elements of your project – site infrastructure and technical make up!

What is the point in hosting great content and building an awesome offsite strategy when search engines can’t get to your site or recognise it? Here is where technical SEO comes in handy!

When we initially audit your site, we pick up and share technical website fixes that need to be made. These fixes are usually complex and thorough, so it is important that you are open to the idea of making changes to your site. Changes can be code level or UX, but have the ultimate aim of helping your SEO efforts.

A small example of this would be optimising your time to first byte (TTFB) which is different from your site speed! Most SEO agencies will come and tell you that your site is “slow”, when in reality, it may just be your initial packet that is taking time to deliver from the server. This is the level of knowledge you require, and the level that Almersal MENA provides!

-We develop content for SEO :

By choosing us as your SEO agency, you are choosing a partner that has an in-house team of proficient content creators including designers, photographers, videographers and copywriters that are search marketing experts, who work to create compelling content that ultimately ends up driving more traffic to your site. Your content needs to be of top quality, relevance and most importantly, trustworthiness.

Content is very important for your strategy and success. The right content will assist in getting visibility for your website in organic search engine results. Our work on your website content should help you to increase organic traffic to your site.

The content that we create is tailored to your needs and is based on gaps that we have identified or opportunities that we feel you should explore.

Your initial strategy will outline what we propose in terms of content. These recommendations are based on the audit that we will conduct for your site by comparison to your competition.

Since content is an integral part of any strategy; our retainer and pricing model is always inclusive of content, so you know exactly what you are getting into and there are no surprises along the way!

We pride ourselves on the work we have done so far for all our partners. They are enjoying better ranking and improved search visibility due to their strong and consistent faith in Almersal.

Pay per click

-Performance media marketing using PPC :

We know that if you are looking to invest in PPC (pay per click), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or paid media marketing you want results and measurable ROI. Pay per click is a powerful way to get your brand noticed and drive sales or awareness, depending on your business objectives.

The basis of any successful PPC campaign is exceptional knowledge, account management and cutting edge optimisation techniques, either manual or through automation and technology.

At Almersal, we have been optimising websites since before Google was a website, so we know a thing or two about the optimisation process – albeit, in this instance, it is for paid ads, rather than organic results.

We are used to dealing with over 300 variables in algorithms, which are mainly unknown to us and found through testing, imagine what we are capable of when we apply our knowledge to technology and a set of information that is open to all. Big ROI, that’s what!

-PPC/SEM strategy :

Nobody knows your business as well as you – that is a given. Shortly after we engage, we conduct a brand immersion session which allows us, your agency partner and pay per click management company, to truly understand your business and most importantly, your brand objectives.

Once we are aware of your objectives, we can create a strategy that is complimentary to your business. This ensures that we can achieve real results, gather meaningful data and further optimise your account on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

-PPC/SEM optimization :

The foundations to all of our efforts is technology and data. As far as possible, we try to automate mundane PPC tasks that take up time, in order to spend time on the parts of your account that really make an impact. Don’t worry, we have got your usual search query reports, competitor reports and daily bid management under control – but we are able to drive results through innovation and analysis, more than anything else. Our in-house team of PPC experts in Dubai are able to use all types of technology stacks, including DoubleClick and Marin in order to enhance your account further.

In some cases, there is no need for technology, rather, human effort is enough to see great results. When that is the case, we will advise you accordingly. Every partner is unique and we do not apply the same tactics and practices to any two clients.

-Biddable display marketing :

Display marketing is awesome – massive reach and huge bang for your buck, if executed properly. However, you need to ask yourself, does this really work for me? I am reaching 1 million people, or so I am told, but are they my customers?

Almersal don’t sell the display marketing dream, we work towards business objectives and meaningful engagements with audiences. The basis of all engagements are data and technology… there is a pattern emerging here, right?

-Pay per click agency credibility :

Almersal are a Google Premier Partner, that means that our clients can potentially leverage the benefits of latest innovations before competitors, keeping you at the fore of your industry. By partnering with Almersal you are opening yourself up to an agency network of 8 offices covering 13 languages across the globe. Our network allows us to deliver cutting edge international pay per click campaigns in multiple languages right out of our Dubai office.

-Display advertising approach :

Your approach to display campaigns should be tied to your holistic digital strategy. A display campaign without holistic support can result in lost opportunities – display is not only about brand awareness anymore. You can drive performance and ROI through display campaigns. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your strategy for display marketing needs to be in tune with your holistic efforts and business objectives. This way you will see the best results from display marketing.

-Programmatic and RTB for display inventory :

Ok, where do we start!? We assume that you know what programmatic buying is so will not go into the intricacies of how everything works. We are able to work with multiple third party DSP’s (demand side platforms) to aid your display marketing campaigns. We have planned and executed various campaigns through DoubleClick, The Trade Desk and other technology providers that have delivered incredible results for clients. In short, this is a smarter way to buy inventory, and reach the right audience.

-Primum and direct display buys :

Not all display marketing inventory is available through exchanges. Prevalent and high traffic sites sell their on site inventory directly to partners, rather than enter auctions. We have direct relationships with many premium inventory providers that can help you to achieve your brand objectives. Our reach and partnerships go across the MENA region and beyond, through various offices. We can offer local and international premium display solutions for all types of partners.

-Paid social media marketing :

Everyone knows that social media is a really effective way to get in front of the right person at the right time. However, with the power of organic reach fading, even having great content is usually not going to be good enough without paid social media campaigns. That is why you need a partner, like us, that can help you to see through the maze of social networks, devise results orientated strategies and recommend where you should be focusing your social media marketing budgets.

-How do you get results with paid social media marketing ? :

By working with Almersal… well, that is the short answer. Now for a bit more detail.

First of all, it is important to remember that you do not need to spend lots of money, you need to spend wisely. You need to consider who your audience is, where they could be found and what they would interact with, in terms of creative. It sounds like a lot, and you may not have all the answers upfront, that is where we will help you, with cross client learnings (we don’t share first party data of clients, only knowledge and insights). We can also conduct A/B testing for you if your product, solution or brand is completely new.

The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is the strategy, and again, it needs to be consistent with you brand objectives and holistic strategy.

We have carried out numerous paid social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter. We have a team of in-house social media specialists and creatives that plan strategies and execute campaigns for clients at any level. Find out more about our social media marketing services here.

Want to get involved? Drop us a line today and let’s see where we can take your PPC advertising efforts!

-Why work with Almersal ? :

Almersal are a global network of search professionals. By partnering with us, you are engaging with some of the leading minds in the search field.

We also offer industry leading technology to optimise your accounts and a transparent buying model for all clients – every cent you spend is accounted for and you have full access to all of your digital assets and accounts.

Most importantly, you will be engaging with an agency that is local enough to provide you top service, but also has the reach globally to bring you leading innovation and results before competitors!

Social media marketing

Social media is important, there is no question about that! just take a look at the huge social media penetration rates across the world – there are a lot of people you can reach with your message either through sites or mobile applications, but how do you go about doing it? Brands need to take social media seriously across multiple marketing platforms, be it Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn or Snapchat! Social media is not about throwing up a picture and hoping for the best. Hope is never a good strategy! That is where a social media agency such as Almersal comes in! We handle all of your social media marketing requirements and campaigns!

-We manage all your social media needs :

Our experts build strategies suitable for your brand and your objectives. This includes creating highly targeted and curated content on each platform. This is where we excel! Our Social Media experts prepare outstanding calendars tailored for your special campaigns and events. Photos, videos, posts, hashtags, live streams, you name it we make it for you!

-Channel monitoring and engagement :

Keeping in mind your business objectives as well as your business objectives, we ensure that your social media strategy is aligned with your holistic marketing strategy, this way you are going to get more bang for your buck, so to speak.

Once we have aligned on the right channels, timings, content, and identity, we will then monitor performance and assess it against our objectives and KPI’s to ensure that we are on the right track. We spend our time analysing your results and delivering enhanced creatives accordingly, to ensure that your account and channels are progressive.

Our primary focus is to raise awareness, drive traffic, convert leads and build a community for your customers through really cool social experiences!

-In depth competitor analysis for all social channels :

Understanding that being everywhere does not necessarily mean you will get somewhere, we ensure to understand your market and your competitors before evaluating where you need to be, and what the messaging behind each platform is. For the purpose of following the current trends, we keep an eye on your competitors’ Social Media platforms to understand what they are doing.

-Social media content creation :

Content is KING, and everything that leaves the offices of Almersal is both relevant and engaging. Armed with a knowledge and understanding of all things social, we know it is no longer just about keeping content engaging but also making it meaningful. Keeping this in mind, we believe in creating bespoke strategies to serve our partner’s needs – to target the right audience with the right content.

It’s very easy to fall into the repetitive trap when it comes to social media, which is why a unique strategy is imperative.

Create a relationship of trust with your audience. To succeed in digital marketing, you will need to be in tune with the needs of your customers and provide them with the content they seek.

We focus on creating unusual and interesting social media campaigns throughout the year to ensure that your content remains exciting, whether it be national/international holidays or even quirky days like apple pie day! Keeping an eye on trending hashtags is something we do best, so you are always a part of the buzz!

We leverage technology and data for a bigger social impact across your different platforms. We understand that different platforms have different audiences and our strategies ensure that the right audience is targeted on the right platform with the right content.

We love to get creative with clients’ accounts. Gone are the days when simply posting an image was sufficient, now, you need to create experiences. Sure, we have your day to day activity locked down, but how do we create meaningful engagements? Through top-notch creative, that’s how! You can take a look at some of our case studies above.

We have a team of in-house designers, copywriters, photographers and videographers based in our offices who are constantly coming up with fresh takes on content.

-Paid social media advertising :

We are sure you have heard it before, but organic social media reach is fading. Luckily for you, we have a team of paid social media specialists that support all of our amazing social work, to achieve real results for you. If you require paid Social Media Marketing, we should be your partner.

Use Social Media For Fast Results!

Sponsoring content is among the techniques and tools to get results quickly (for example, Facebook Ads) is undoubtedly a faster way that will allow you to get more followers and higher engagement. Our team makes use of various tools to help your platforms thrive.

-Reporting and analysis

Having access to insights that matter is really important, and data is the basis of everything that we do. Your ongoing social media strategy is based on what has happened in the past and current trends. That is why we use social bakers for all of our clients reporting needs. Going one step further, we also look at post-click metrics through tools such as Google Analytics to see what people are doing on your web assets. This way, you know that your strategy is working for you!

-Why trust us with your Social Media?

The main purpose of contacting any digital marketing agency to manage your social media is undoubtedly the potential to reach new markets/customers online. With taking into account the fierce competition in the digital marketing field, you need to partner with an agency that has the expertise and talent that are ahead of the game. This is why you should reach out to us! Due to long years of managing Social Media accounts within several industries such as electronics, hospitality, media, and entertainment, we are proud to provide advantageous social media services in Dubai.