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Creativity is the foundation of all marketing communication.

Almersal is a creative marketing agency Dubai and we pride ourselves on attention to detail with design and creativity always being at the heart of everything we do. With a dedicated design studio, Almersal can provide full creative and design services for both print and online. Our aim is to interpret our client’s objectives and value proposition and produce creative effective designs. Our designs always meet the needs of our clients, whilst grabbing the attention of the intended audience and keeping in line with brand guidelines.

Why not add a sprinkle of Animation to your marketing mix and stand out from the crowd! With an      in-house animation team we can bring your logo to life with animation or create your email signature in HTML linking your website and social channels.

As a 360 marketing agency, Almersal can also offer innovative ideas to bring your creative campaign to life. We can turn your packaging into Augmented Reality so the consumer can hold their phone over an icon on the packaging and a video will play showing your products and services. Alternatively you could add gamification to your marketing strategy. We have created a variety of fun and engaging campaigns, including one for Aquafresh. The campaign combined gamification and augmented reality into the POS displays.

Almersal was established in 2008 and has been working with some of the biggest brands in the region supporting clients with full creative marketing services from identity, brochures to packaging and key visuals, Almersal creative marketing agency Dubai can offer you full creative services all in-house! So why not come and sit with our design team and discuss your next project.

UX Design

Why Choose Our UX Design Company

Managing the user experience across multiple channels and platforms can be a daunting task. Our UX design service in Dubai is specifically designed to create efficiencies, consistency, and alignment for businesses that are looking to take their digital maturity to the next level.

We provide all the expertise, processes, and tools that will help you to delight your customers and boost conversions.

-Conversion-Focused Approach

-Fast Delivery of New Channels

-Consistent Design Language Across All Channels

-Reduced Costs

-Improved Efficiency

-Regular and Rigorous Testing

-Our UX Design Process :

1-In-depth UX Research

Using various experience design methodologies we try to understand your business better and see how the design should fit your organization.

2-Setting Clear Goals for UX Initiatives

As a Dubai UX agency, it is our responsibility to validate the performance of all UX initiatives and to help you measure their return on investment.

3-Collaborative Strategy & Design

We work with your stakeholders, internal teams, to co-create new concepts and ideas in an agile fashion.

4-Collaborative Strategy & Design

We work with your stakeholders, internal teams, to co-create new concepts and ideas in an agile fashion. High Fidelity Prototyping

5-High Fidelity Prototyping

We bring user interfaces to life by creating high-fidelity prototypes to save on expensive development time and undesired iterations.

6-UI Design and Design System

We follow the atomic design methodology that involves breaking the layout into its components and create a maintainable design system that ensures consistency.

7-KPI Monitoring

Our program will measure performance before and after the project giving you the freedom to focus on the business while our team is improving your numbers.

-UX Design Program for New Implementations :

When creating new websites, apps, or other digital channels we can support you from the initial analysis to the final product design with our end-to-end UX design program. We will help you in building the initial requirements, researching your audience, creating benchmarks, journey maps, and more.

-UX Analysis to Improve Existing Channels :

If you have an existing digital channel and you want an expert to review and suggest improvements in performance, then our UX analysis program is the right choice for you. It includes an evaluation based on usability issues, conversion improvements, navigation structure, page layout, and design as well as the setup of additional tracking tools to measure customer behavior.

UI Design

Why Choose Our UI Design Agency

Good interface design is all about guiding users to achieve your intended goal through thoughtful design. Our UI design service is specially formulated to translate the results of the UX research into a design system that can be used across different design teams and implemented by developers without jeopardizing quality.


This process ensures that the initial design plan gets precisely translated into the actual product :

-Custom visual language

-Consistent design elements across all platforms

-Smart and purposeful screen or page layouts

-User-centered and engaging designs

-Colors, textures, and animations that help with conversion

-Rapid and reliable delivery

-Our UI Design Process :

1-UI Requirement Gathering

We integrate and interpret the results of the UX research and the design brief from the client to ensure correct implementation.

2-Design Planning

Our experienced designers brainstorm for ideas based on the information architecture, user personas, and the requirements.

3-Concept Development

We create first concept options for the screens and pages using high fidelity prototypes to save on precious development time and undesired iterations.

4-Interface Design

Our UI agency follows the atomic design methodology that involves breaking the layout into its components and create a maintainable design system that ensures consistency.

5-Interactive Design

Animations based on the expected behavior of the user are added to specific elements to ensure high engagement.

6-Design Review and Validation

We believe in the power of user testing, and all designs undergo review and validation before development.

7-Style Guide Development

A document is created by our user interface design company that contains guidelines on the proper implementation of the logo, colors, layout, and text elements on all channels.